Raise Your Live Auction Game

Need A Fresh Way To Raise Money?

Galas are stale and donors want something new.  Andy has been a long-time donor and as a serial entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity to create a show that changes the live auction game. Here’s what Andy brings that only he can:

– Concert-quality performances with special effects
– Serial entrepreneur who knows how to sell subtly
– Behavioral economist who persuades the crowd to give more

Schedule To Meet Andy

Proven Results

The Cottonwood Institute

Denver Children's Advocacy Center

KIPP Colorado Schools
CO Technology Assoc.

Minds Matter of Denver

Social Venture Partners

What Andy Delivers


1 Hour Consult

The initial consultation will help Andy know your goals and audience so he can see if it’s a good fit for him. If it is, he will help with strategy.


Item Curation

Once you have a long list of live auction items, Andy will curate them and place them in the order to be sold at auction.



Andy has the gift of gab and an uncanny ability to remember names and faces. Assuming you have a networking hour, Andy will attend and meet your big donors which will prove useful in the auction.


Live Auction Show

Andy’s performance will keep the crowd entertained while he gets the maximum amount for each auction item. After the live auction concludes, he’ll inspire the crowd to give in the paddle raise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing too crazy, we just need to make sure people can hear and see me. An elevated stage, 4 speakers to corner the room, and mic (wireless preferred). Don’t use the house speakers, they aren’t loud enough and we want people paying attention.
Yes, I’m happy to give you feedback on things like setting the program (dinner, presenters, silent auction, live auction). Since I’ve done so many events, I’m happy to leverage my experience to make your auction a success.
It’s key for me to know the details of each auction item so that I can sell it with all the details included. For the paddle raise, it helps if you can tell me what each amount does for your organization (e.g. $1,000 sends 1 kid to school, $500 buys books, etc.).
I’ll provide you a bio and headshot so it would be great if you could add me in a few key places to boost the credibility and excitement for your auction: email announcements, program, slideshow, and introduction to the stage.
Yes, my agreement secures the date for you as I won’t book it for anyone else. The one-page agreement makes sure we’re on the same page with expectations for the prep, night-of, and payment. Pretty simple stuff, really.
It’s best for the event if I stick to auctioneering so that when I come out, it’s a total surprise to your audience and we get the “wow” factor going. That will keep them engaged and bidding. I’ve worked alongside MC’s ranging from TV/radio personalities to volunteers and anyone in between.