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Paying It Forward

By improving the lives of low-income youth.

Thank you

For Making An Impact

Every year, you help send almost a hundred low-income youth to college on a scholarship.
At Flow, you help apprentices break poverty without needing a college degree. At Minds Matter, you’re generating a 17 to 1 ROI on every dollar you donate.

I’m so blessed and grateful to have your help in making a massive social impact. I couldn’t do this without you. That’s why, with anything we do together, whether it’s ordering my book, listening to my music, or working with Flow—you are making an impact.

The Movement



When I founded Flow, I wanted to create a for-profit company that made a social impact. Flow is a revenue growth agency for $1MM+ companies that has a unique training program for its agents. These agents are low-income youth who go through a 2-year content marketing apprenticeship and, once graduated, earn $40,000 — enough to break free from poverty and have a career path without needing a college degree. Every time a client hires Flow, you are providing apprenticeship opportunities for youth.

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What do

apprentices say?


Brittany barney

“Flow's unique apprenticeship model has allowed me to develop my interests in different areas of business by trying my hand at multiple skill areas in the content marketing field. I've also had the opportunity to gain vocational credentials that I'll be able to carry with me in my career for years to come.”


Persephone burgess

“Coming from a low-income family, I thought there was only one path to success. Flow's apprenticeship has given me more knowledge and experience of the working world than college, and opened a world of opportunity that I didn't realize existed for someone of my background.”

Minds Matter


Since 2008, I’ve led Minds Matter from serving less than 20 kids to 100 each year. Every year, 100% of our graduates are sent to college on scholarship. How? Through a first-of-its-kind partnership, I worked with in-state universities to create a guaranteed admission program to a 4-year college with a scholarship for all our graduates.

Minds Matter supported me through high school and got me to college with a scholarship that has helped tremendously.

– Lucero Montoya, Minds Matter of CO Alumni

Right now, Minds Matter is looking for mentors and donors to help send more kids to college. Are you ready to inspire, motivate, and alter the lives of Colorado’s most brilliant young minds?

Get Involved

I’m grateful to the generous donors who believed that a hard-working, low-income minority should be given a better educational opportunity. I’ll never know their names to thank them, so I pay it forward by helping others.

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