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minds matter

Minds Matter transforms the lives of accomplished high school students from low-income families by broadening their dreams and preparing them for college success.

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Minds Matter is a comprehensive and highly successful three-year program that empowers young people from low-income families to achieve college readiness and success. The organization was founded in New York City in 1991 by six Wall Street professionals who understood that the gap in low-income student achievement is not one of intelligence, but resources. Minds Matter has developed a successful program incorporating tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment experiences that prepare students for bright futures.

Through an intensive and holistic mentoring and academic program, we provide a culture of excellence and rigorous performance standards for our students. We raise their expectations, broaden their dreams, and equip them with a toolkit for future success. Minds Matter achieves a 100% college acceptance rate for our students at quality institutions across the country. Being a graduate of Minds Matter is a mark of hard work, commitment, and achievement to potential colleges and employers.

Mentoring means building trust and having a positive influence on someone where a void exists today.

– Michael, Minds Matter of the Twin Cities Mentor

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flow’s apprenticeship

The founding purpose of Flow is to help accelerate Colorado’s initiative for statewide youth apprenticeships, which I believe is the best opportunity we have to create a sustainable solution for our economy and education system.

Flow’s initial service offering is to help companies convert more of the traffic they’ve already paid for — with a team of Colorado-based live chat agents who know their business almost as well as they do.

However, some readers may not be aware that our long-term plan is to train and educate sales and customer service reps to become leaders and managers through an apprenticeship program.

In order to realize this vision, we need to build an agency without compromises, which is why Flow’s agents are trained to outperform any internal hire or outsource provider in a throw down. Native-English speakers so well trained that they can flow off the top of their heads.

In addition, our innovative hiring approach allows us to deliver the service at a cost competitive with scripted overseas providers.

Flow’s strategy is to work with CEOs and Marketing Directors of companies $10–100MM in size, because they have the marketing sophistication and ability to run a program at scale.

We’ll be running 3-year apprenticeships to create project managers. Each apprentice will have a supervisor and mentor so that they can receive work and non-work related coaching. Upon completion, graduates will earn $45,000+, regardless if they graduated college. Companies are already lined up to take these hires for a placement fee.

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