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December 29, 2015

TV Personality Gloria Neal on Emotional Hooks, Serving Community, and the Power of Love

Gloria Neal (@glonealknows) is an award-winning journalist whose experiences range from TV, radio, and print. She is the morning news anchor on CBS 46 in Atlanta and brings her one-of-a-kind flavor into the living rooms and hearts of thousands. Glo is known for being a personality, both on and off the air, and gives so much to the communities where she lives.

She embodies the spirit and energy of someone who I believe found her voice and is able to reach people because she is real – someone we can all connect with. But that takes work and skill and as I uncover in this interview, there’s a lot of prep that goes into making sure she’s always winning the audition for viewers’ time and attention.

Tons of lessons learned in this power-hour interview… we laughed and no joke, even teared up at the end when we talked about love.

This woman is ALL HEART, baby!

Enjoy the show!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is it true that you would rather your news anchor be real than perfect? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Show Notes
  • What the Fortune Magazine with Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg on the cover taught Gloria Neal [9:00]
  • How does Gloria Neal connect with an audience behind a camera? [12:20]
  • What’s the adjective in the story; what’s the hook and why do people care? [14:20]
  • What are the things that Gloria Neal does when listening to someone and she needs to move them along? [19:00]
  • How does Gloria Neal handle rejection when trying to get a story? [21:15]
  • Gloria Neal defines what it means to trust someone to tell your story [23:15]
  • What is “good” journalism? [27:10]
  • How does Gloria Neal prepare to get the context of her story while being flexible to real-time events? [30:10]
  • How does Gloria Neal educate herself to be able to coverage a broad range of topics? [34:43]
  • What are Gloria Neal’s daily habits to get the most creativity out of herself? [37:33]
  • Why does Gloria Neal do evening events when she wakes up at 2am every day? [42:00]
  • How does Gloria Neal leverage her fame for the good of other causes? [44:25]
  • What does Gloria Neal tell people who are inspired to do something good for others? [46:40]
  • How do you make a marriage work when you are such a public figure?[48:45]
  • What role does love play in helping your community? [53:50]
  • What are you damn good at and who are you to think you’re not? [57:30]
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