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January 12, 2016

Master Convener Lorii Rabinowitz’ Blueprint for Designing Vibrant Communities

Lorii Rabinowitz (email) is a master community builder and highly decorated civic leader who shares with us her design blueprint to engage various people at the ground stage of a new venture, creating physical spaces to make behavioral change, and building a culture of acceptance and growth to create vibrant communities.

Lorii’s newest project is to create from scratch, the Denver Center of Arts & Technology. It’s a massive undertaking and Lorii is summoning all her people, skills, and experiences to make this dream a reality. And while the building blocks of her life have all led to this point, it’s the attitude and spirit you’ll hear in this interview that will inspire you.

She walks us through the protocol she’s used to help companies nationwide in their pursuit of greatness. This process is a design-centered approach which engages stakeholders from the beginning, methodically going through phases beginning with understanding the feasibility.

I immediately took away steps that I’ll be using as I continue to build for the future, and I believe you will gain something from her experiences as well. This gal’s energy is infectious so enjoy the show!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What inspires you to take action in your community? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Show Notes
  • What is the mindset that Lorii Rabinowitz has when meeting new people? [5:50]
  • What’s the opposite of listening? [7:15]
  • Lorii Rabinowitz’ launch of the Denver Center of Arts and Technology [12:00]
  • What can we learn from the expansion approach of being invited to expand into a new city as opposed to identifying where to expand? [19:15]
  • How Lorii Rabinowitz engaged stakeholders in a feasibility study when launching DCAT [22:15]
  • What are the components of a feasibility study and how you can use this for growth [25:40]
  • What is an environmental scan? [30:30]
  • How does Lorii Rabinowitz convene large groups of people? [34:20]
  • The process of de-risking a new venture [36:20]
  • How you can use an outside facilitator to get deep insights and break barriers [37:40]
  • Lorii Rabinowitz on the identity change that came with her career shifts [43:30]
  • How Johari’s window allowed Lorii Rabinowitz to learn about herself which others already knew about her [46:50]
  • When deciding the programming to help a community, what’s the strategy being used? [53:10]
  • How Lorii Rabinowitz designs a physical and cultural environment to make behavioral change [59:45]
  • What visual triggers does Lorii Rabinowitz keep on her desk? [1:07:40]
  • Why Lorii Rabinowitz is moving from a wealthy neighborhood into a mixed-use, mixed-income community [1:11:0]
  • What is the importance of public-private partnerships (aka P3)? [1:17:00]
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