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February 17, 2016

Meet the Founder Whose 93 Ventures in 59 Countries Benefit 8 Million Lives

Teju Ravilochan (@tejuravi) is the CEO and co-founder of the Unreasonable Institute, has already been named “30 Under 30” by Inc. Magazine, and received a standing ovation for his TEDx talk. And he’s as humble as they come.

Since 2009, his institute offers entrepreneurs from around the world, a 5-week bootcamp connecting them with highly seasoned mentors to build profitable businesses while solving a social problem.

The results show that his team’s methods are working; their entrepreneurs benefit over 8 million people and counting around the world.

We sat down to understand how this idea came to fruition from its origins in a college door room, the hyper-intensive process he puts entrepreneurs through to speed their learning, and the single greatest asset his parents gave him to take the risk of starting his own business.

Without question, Teju is changing the world and he delivers nuggets of wisdom throughout this interview. Sit back, relax, and be inspired… and enjoy the show.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What enables you to devote your life to your principles, to stand up against social injustices, and take action? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Show Notes
  • Teju Ravilochan describes what works and doesn’t to help the poor [8:10]
  • Why did Teju Ravilochan believe he could teach entrepreneurs having just graduated from college? [9:40]
  • What principles did Teju teach entrepreneurs that he had to learn himself? [13:58]
  • How did Teju get mentors to volunteer their time to help entrepreneurs? [15:50]
  • What does the Unreasonable Institute do? [18:18]
  • What approach does the Unreasonable Institute take to take its immersion program to scale? [22:00]
  • What is the Unreasonable Institute’s role in documenting a body of work to help the poor? [24:45]
  • What mindset and experience does an angel investor need to have when investing in a social enterprise? [29:45]
  • What’s needed in the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship to continue to grow? [36:00]
  • Teju Ravilochan describes the optimization difference between institutions and entrepreneurs [39:35]
  • How startups experiment and learn [42:10]
  • What is Teju Ravilochan proud of and what is he obsessed with improving? [45:05]
  • What values did Teju’s parents instill in him that he now carries through in his work? [50:45]
  • How do Teju’s parents feel about the unreasonable work he’s doing? [54:40]
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