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February 7, 2024

The Point of Useless Information

George St. Pierre used flinches, feigns, and pops – all different forms of useless information – to load up the nervous system and worry an opponent.

The overreaction to useless information caused mental fatigue, leading to slower reactions.

And then he’d strike.

Bureaucracy serves a similar function. The indiscriminate addition of people, bills, clauses, guidance, and interpretations creates fatigue in the people who are meant to benefit.

Why is it so hard for:

Low-income families to access SNAP benefits
Immigrants to legally enter the country
Businesses to start apprenticeships
Parents to apply for the FAFSA

The red tape is overwhelming.

It is also an opportunity to build a user interface that is effective at striking.

The GSP of applications.

The Point of Useless Information


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