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December 23, 2015

Life Lessons from a Death Investigator with Sue Jacques

Sue Jacques (@TheCivilityCEO) spent 18 years as a forensic death investigator and was responsible for investigating thousands of unexpected, unnatural, and unexplainable deaths. Her curiosity was not only to solve the death, but to understand the untold life story that never got a chance to be heard.

Sue’s grace and kindness is evident as she shares these stories with us and quite literally gives me goosebumps. She gives us powerful life lessons and also useful tips for the workplace.

As “The Civility CEO”, companies bring her in when there’s disharmony so she can help restore relationships, and she does this through practical tips which you can use and share with your team as well.

But it’s the stories of her days as a death investigator that are most poignant. Join me as we walk down memory lane with Sue Jacques who shares with us stories of compassion, gratitude, and respect that came from investigating unfinished lives.

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Sue tells the story of a woman who thanked her after 22 years for how Sue treated her husband’s unexpected death. Who is someone you are overdue to thank or want to thank for lessons they taught you or something nice they did?  Please reach out to them let me know what happens in the comments.

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Selected Links from the Episode
Show Notes
  • How people lose loyalty when not showing others enough respect [6:01]
  • Companies using Sue Jacques to bring professionalism and courtesy as a currency for better employee relationships [8:55]
  • What five times Sue Jacques says you should step away from the computer [11:18]
  • That time Andy Seth made a video of his Vegas trip and it got to his wife [12:45]
  • How Sue Jacques became a death investigator [15:20]
  • Two things Sue Jacques learned from seeing so many unfinished lives [20:25]
  • Sue Jacques tells the story of one man’s death experience that showed her the power of compassion [22:40]
  • What’s the best way to express compassion when someone is going through a hard time? [26:30]
  • The story of Marilyn thanking Sue Jacques 22 years after her husband died [30:50]
  • Challenge: reach out to someone who you want to thank and share your story with me [33:50]
  • How Sue Jacques trains muay thai and other rituals to feel grateful [35:30]
  • Are there funny deaths? [48:40]
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  1. Barbara Wackerle Baker

    I just reconnected with Sue after not seeing each other for 40 years. It was like one of us had just stepped outside – catching up was seamless. I’m in awe at what (shy) Sue, from my youth, has accomplished and continues to accomplish with her life. A genuine, amazing, honest and compassionate person. I’m honoured to know her again. I will listen to this podcast again and again – especially when I need a pick-me-up, a bright light, or a swift kick in the pants to straighten out and just be kind. Such a simple thing and my new mantra.

    How do you bring back respect? As a kid in the 60’s, we respected the principal, our teachers, our parents, people’s property. Why? Was it fear? Of them? Of repercussions? Possibly. Who want’s to get whacked on the back of the head for sassing your Mom. But seriously, I think it’s because our parents and teachers and principals taught it to us. That’s why I respected others. Is life too busy nowadays to teach the kids the basics?

    1. Andy Seth Post author

      Barbara, what a wonderful note, thank you for sharing. Sue’s lessons are so needed today so thank you for listening and sharing her message.