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September 8, 2016

The Hands-On Creative Behind Airstream Basecamp, RedBull’s Custom DJ Booths, and Veuve Clicquot’s Champagne Bar

Mike Arzt is one badass creative and thank god he picked up a snowboard 20+ years ago. His passion for snowboarding became a career, which became a business, which is now five businesses.

The Public Works is creative agency that he co-founded with Frank Phillips but they don’t just dream up cool shit, they build it. Mike talks us through some incredible projects starting with the launch of the Airstream Basecamp which we turned into a studio for this episode!

Mike has had the fortune of working some of the greatest brands on Earth including RedBull, who trust his team to come up with wild ways to activate their brands. If you want a dose of creativity or to just hear about the cool things that happen in plain sight, you need to hear Mike’s story.

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Selected Links from the Episode
Show Notes
    • [3:45] Airstreams as a force multiplier for travel
    • [4:05] What’s involved with being part of the product design team
    • [5:14] The number of times Andy Seth has gone camping
    • [7:34] What makes The Public Works so different from traditional agencies
    • [11:00] Building a pop up champagne bar for Veuve Clicquot in Aspen and winning Conde Nast’s 10 Best Champagne Bars in the World
    • [14:00] Frisky Whisky hosted at Laws Whiskey
    • [15:25] How did Mike Arzt and Frank Phillips start The Public Works?
    • [18:13] Building custom DJ booths for Red Bull
    • [20:43] What is skunkworks?
    • [21:45] Building the Colorado Rockies a 9 foot baseball bat
    • [24:10] Yes, there’s a market for public library furniture – the founding of the Supple Collection
    • [30:25] Libraries morphing into a hub of community, not just books on a shelf
    • [34:10] Mike Arzt’s creative process and creating content upon content upon content
    • [35:10] Reaching out to other brands for Airstream’s Basecamp launch like Smith Optics, Dakine, Epicurean, Rustico, and of course The Andy Seth Show
    • [41:10] How owning an Airstream fundamentally changed the way The Public Works does business
    • [43:15] Mike Arzt turning business into personal experiences with his family
    • [48:45] How FOMO drove Mike to land a shoot for LLBean’s segment in a Warren Miller film
    • [51:30] Mike Arzt shares a memorable trip with his daughter

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