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December 12, 2016

Meet the Lion Tamer from Upstairs Circus, Matt Johannsen

Matt Johannsen aka “Josie” and his wife, Kelly, started Upstairs Circus together and have captured a totally creative niche: crafts & cocktails. But this ain’t no ordinary follow-along painting class; this is a dope-ass bar, with banging beats, and an edgy vibe.

And the crafts are things that you’d ACTUALLY use, wear, and show off on Instagram and in your crib.

Heck, I’ve even made some killer stuff like hand-stitched leather wallets, custom flasks, a 6-pack holder, and even a bracelet for my lovely lady. And I’ve brought many organizations to here to build group crafts.

Matt walks us down the path that he and Kelly went on to conceive of the one-of-a-kind concept and how they put it all together. Plus he’s jacked so he shares some of his health and workout secrets – keys to his success as an entrepreneur.

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Show Notes
  • [2:40] Upstairs Circus being built over abs workouts
  • [4:00] What does the name Upstairs Circus mean?
  • [7:45] How Upstairs Circus helps you with projects while you have fun
  • [10:10] As Upstairs Circus expanded, what did Matt and Kelly Johannsen change?
  • [12:12] What is the non-retail space used for Upstairs Circus?
  • [13:25] Company events at Upstairs Circus
  • [15:00] How fitness impacts Matt Johannsen’s business
  • [18:00] Matt Johannsen’s food hacks
  • [20:35] Which sports could we play by raiding Matt’s garage?
  • [23:25] What sport is Andy Seth’s body made for?
  • [28:23] The only thing that could make Matt Johannsen an asshole
  • [30:45] What works about the Upstairs Circus culture?
  • [33:15] Who are the Circus Babes?
  • [34:40] Working together as husband and wife
  • [36:40] The process of engineering the type of business that fits your lifestyle
  • [41:10] When Matt reconsidered being into “stuff” aka material possessions
  • [42:23] Business ideas that didn’t make the cut
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