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August 2, 2019

The Best Spotify Playlist for the Weekend – ‘Friday Night Flows’ by Andy Seth

High Vibe Tribe!

I’ve launched a Spotify playlist called “Friday Night Flows”. Every week, my DJ partner Marcus Bailey and I create a playlist of 10-15 tracks for a weekend “set”. A set is the order we’d spin the tunes if we were DJ’ing.

We’ll feature new up and coming artists to legends from back in the day. The range includes hip hop to r&b, some pop to to classic hip hop to international hits. We’ll even throw in house and drum-n-bass to mix it up.


Marcus (or “B” as I call him) and I have been best friends since we were in 7th grade and we’ve always shared a deep love of music. We used to hit record stores and dig in crates to find gems. We’d share white label records before they released, record mixed tapes for each other while I was in school in Culver and he was in LA, and swapped mp3s songs on Napster.

“Friday Night Flows” is a curated list of 10-15 tracks from the motherlode we share between us during the week. You’re getting the stuff we’d put in the crate or already have in there.

This project means a lot to me because I’m doing this with my brother and I’m sharing something I love with all of you.

So go check out the playlist on Spotify and tap the ? to save it if you wanna get the new beats every Friday.

And if you wanna keep the conversation going, hit me or B up here in the comments or dm us on insta.

Thanks for listening!

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