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August 7, 2019

My First Book Unveiled: “Bling”

I never planned to write this book. 

The message came to me in a meditation and when I realized this was a story I needed to share, I spent a week in flow state bringing it to life.

I laugh just thinking about it. Not because it’s haha funny, but because when I see the end product, I’m just amazed at what came through me.

If you want a modern guide to become the best version of you, this is it.

“Bling” is a parable that teaches a yogic lifestyle through the lens of hip-hop, both cultures I was raised in and continue to be deeply involved with now. Many things bind the hip-hop and yoga world such as compassion for others and the celebration of life. However, each culture has crucial differences that when brought together, can transform humanity. 

In the West, hip-hop became a creative outlet for inner-city people to express their struggle in the form of spitfire rhymes. Rap’s unparalleled ability to storytell not only shifted a community but took over the world. 

In the East, thousands of years prior, people developed and continue to practice methods to eliminate the struggle that the hip-hop community embraces. However, the East struggles with spreading its message. 

Side by side, one has challenges that the other solves. Together, they can solve suffering so humanity can collectively elevate its vibe.

Here’s “Bling”’s back cover description:

Hip-hop has given A-Luv everything he ever wanted: money, status, and bling. What A-Luv doesn’t know is that his life is about to be upended during a fateful trip to India. All the suffering that’s buried beneath the shiny exterior of his life will be brought to the surface when an unexpected guide starts him on a journey of personal and spiritual growth. Follow along as A-Luv learns to let go of beliefs that have long kept him stuck and live in a state of flow that will transform his music—and his life.

Told as a parable, Bling: A Story About Ditching the Struggle & Living in Flow is filled with powerful lessons for anyone who’s unsure of how to reach their full potential. Andy Seth—whose life inspired A-Luv’s story—uses hip-hop as a lens to show that inner peace and joy can be achieved while remaining creative and ambitious. Andy unpacks the tenets of a yogic lifestyle that will move you from seeking to finding — from a place of uncertainty to a place of peace, focus, optimism, energy, and success you never thought possible.


The High Vibe Movement

Prominent hip-hop leaders like Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin, and Chance the Rapper are talking about things that have nothing to do with making money or having fame. They’re operating on a whole different vibe.

They’re talking about how to take care of yourself, eat better, meditate, go vegetarian, care about others, and believe in higher powers. They’re talking about things you can have without extra dollars in your pocket. Hip-hop is influencing Westerners to adopt aspects of the Indian culture like vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, along with words like karma and chakra.

The shift in thinking has an underground scene of people called The High Vibe Tribe. 

Through these Indian practices, The High Vibe Tribe are becoming more self-aware and increasingly concerned about humanity’s welfare. This type of thinking and awareness is known as ‘consciousness,’ and people are becoming more conscious about how their vibe impacts themselves, others, and the planet.

My purpose in writing “Bling” is to advance the cultural shift taking place and to fast-forward the future to bring us all to a better place. “Bling” is a step-by-step guide distilled from ancient Indian texts to teach you a yogic lifestyle and join the consciousness movement. You’ll learn the five-step process I’ve organized from Indian philosophy to do the work internally for true inner peace and unshakeable ambition.

I’m excited for you to read “Bling” and go on a journey to become the best version of yourself, and to join The High Vibe Tribe.

Will You Help Me Spread the Movement?

I try not to ask for much, but today I’ve got a favor to ask you…

Will you help me spread this movement by making media connections?

I’ve made only a few media commitments so far. Do you have a podcast, vlog, column, show, mailing list, or blog audience? Would you like to do an exclusive feature, an interview, or an excerpt? Please click here to let me know. I have a ton of material including real-life stories that influenced the parable, illustrations, musical inspirations, videos, and pictures.


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