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October 25, 2019

New Mantra Alert: “Change For You” Drops Today!

I never planned to write music for Bling, but I kept hearing beats in my head while I was writing the book. I was inspired to produce an album as a powerful learning tool to drive these lessons home for you. I already dropped my first single, “On a Mission,” and today, I’m pumped to drop “Change for You.” The Caribbean beats combined with Bling’s message make the song a fun love ballad I’m sure you’re gonna want to boogie to. 

“Change for You” Is a Caribbean-Indian Fusion 

In a way, Caribbeans and Indians are alike — they both love spicy food, have huge families, and like to throw dance parties. Even Columbus thought he found Asia when he settled in the Antilles, calling the archipelago the West Indies. I’m naturally connected to the Caribbean vibe and wanted to blend it with Indian instruments and hip hop vocals. 

When you listen to the song, you’ll hear Caribbean hip hop beats layered with instruments like the harmonium and sitar. These sounds are old school Indian but worked with the island vibe to create levity. Caribbean music is dance music at heart, and I think the song’s heavy message needed a light, fun feel.  

“Change for You” Complements Chapter Five in Bling 

“Change for You” comes at a pivotal moment in Bling. A-Luv starts to understand himself on a deep level and sees the changes he’s ready to make. Nikki teaches A-Luv meditation so he can observe his thoughts and take control of who he wants to be. As A-Luv begins to open his heart, love ignites for the amazing woman guiding his transformation. 

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The song describes how we feel when love sparks. Falling in love makes you vulnerable but open to growing. The joke is, you’ll cut off your finger to be with them, but what you’re really saying is you’ll do whatever it takes, including change. 

“Change for You” Is Controversial 

People learn they shouldn’t change to earn somebody’s love — precisely the opposite of what the song suggests you should do. Asking to alter your beliefs for love is the song’s risky proposition, but Bling and “Change for You” aren’t about conforming for another person’s affection. Instead, it’s upgrading yourself because love inspired you to change for the better. 

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“Change for You” Celebrates Relationships  

A great relationship gives you a mirror to reflect on how can you improve yourself. Powerful relationships stimulate introspection — a profound process that shouldn’t be heavy but exciting because you’re transforming. “Change for You” is meant to commemorate people growing together. I envision an audience singing, partying, and waving lighters in the air to this Caribbean-Indian hip hop dance song because they’re vibing on love and joy. 

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