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February 11, 2020

What’s Your Word for 2020? 5 Crazy Successful Entrepreneurs Share Theirs

I reached out to five highly successful entrepreneurs and asked them what they felt were the highest ROI investments you can make in yourself for 2020. 

I thought it was interesting to hear not-so-common insights which I hope you’ll find valuable in the new year. 


Dr. Anil Idiculla, founder of iOrthodontics

His Word: LOVE

Dr. Anil Idiculla

Literal acts of love towards others — every single day. Gratitude is great and proven, but there’s no greater ROI than spending love currency. 

I think gratitude is a form of love, but if we only think about thanking others versus how much deeper love can be, then we limit our practice. 

We shouldn’t pigeon hole ourselves to gratitude. The practice can be a part of it, but straight love is more powerful. Think in terms of random acts of kindness. Ask others, “How can I help you?” rather than, “How are you?” 

The Takeaway

I like how Dr. I doesn’t stop at gratitude and gets to the core, which is love. If you have ever spent a minute with Dr. I or in his orthodontic practice, you feel the love instantly. He loves on patients, he doesn’t just aim to satisfy them. It’s no wonder he’s in the top 1% of all orthodontists and revered within his own industry. He spreads that Philly Love everywhere he goes.


Maegan Scarlett, co-founder of oVertone

Her Word: READ 

Maegan Scarlett

Absorb as much information as possible.

I spent almost all of my free time in my late teens and early 20s learning. I guess I didn’t consider watching TV and going out important at that age. 

In my opinion, you’ve got to really hone in on your goals and make decisions that align with what you want. I knew I wanted a big company and a lot of money so I was never drawn to waste time on unimportant things. 

I socialized here and there but I wasn’t going to happy hours or watching Netflix. I was working and learning pretty much all the time because I was highly driven to the end goal.

The Takeaway

I love how focused Maegan truly is, to the point where she doesn’t even blink at eliminating what most people consider ‘normal’. Maegan’s approach is irregular, which is how she drives extraordinary results. I always say, time usually isn’t the problem — it’s energy. You can see how Maegan doesn’t give her energy to anything that doesn’t serve her goals.


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Kerry Gilmartin, co-founder of Bamboobies

Her Word: HEALTH 

Kerry Gilmartin

Mental and physical health. 

Energy to focus at a day job, then at night while you’re either starting a business or headed to your second job. Good health is all about the ability to focus, rest, and exercise without drugs or alcohol to build perseverance.  

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Business is a marathon not a sprint. 

A primary source of income might feel like a drain but if it gives you fuel cash stay in the race longer. Plus, from those businesses, you’ll learn the skills to run your own. 

The Takeaway

Two bangers in here. First, the lack of drugs and alcohol for focus is huge. I like to party but when I drink too much, I’m totally sluggish the next day. If you think of it like Kerry, from a utility perspective, drugs and alcohol will slow you down. Second, love the focus on having a primary income to keep yourself afloat.


Joshua Dorkin, founder of the Undeniably Curious Podcast & BiggerPockets

His Word: LEARN 

Joshua Dorkin

Always continue learning. 

With the increasing pace of change in tech, it is essential for people to read and learn consistently to ensure they are always up to speed in their field of expertise and beyond.

The Takeaway

Josh built BiggerPockets into the largest real estate investing site in the world and he knows a thing or two about staying ahead of tech changes. Don’t take this advice lightly even though it sounds so simple. Get ahold of not only articles, but also look for research and case studies. Those can bring insights far beyond what a typical blog will teach you.


Danielle Shoots, founder of The Daily Boss Up

Her Word: NETWORK 

Danielle Shoots

The biggest mistake young professionals make is they wait to invest in coaching until late in their career. 

If you want to be a great leader, get a coach and start practicing now. 

The other ROI is your network. You can build a network with your time since it’s your most precious resource.  Understand who you need in your scope, then spend your time cultivating those relationships. My network is directly and indirectly responsible for my net worth.

The Takeaway 

Danielle became an executive for a Fortune 500 company when she was 26 and learned the hard way. That’s why she coaches young professionals now without charging an arm and a leg. She’s got a workshop called “The Resume for Any Job” which you should definitely check out.

Each of these highly successful entrepreneurs captured their 2020 advice in a word. So what’s your word for the year? Mine is discipline.


Find focus, clarity, and gratitude

Ditch the struggle, live in flow, and join the High Vibe Tribe.

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