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August 20, 2019

High Vibes 101: A Practical Guide for Emerging Leaders

The high vibes 101 guide is helpful at any age and phase of life.

When I was 26, I sold a multimillion-dollar turnaround deal and was responsible for delivering $1.2 million in profit to the company in 18 months. At a young age, immense power became my ego’s playground.

I cut out numerous business relationships to drive cost savings and by the time I delivered the $1.2 mil to the bottom line, I felt like a total asshole. I didn’t like who I had become — someone desensitized to relationships in general. That wasn’t me nor who I wanted to be, but I didn’t have an operating system to guide me. I vowed then to do a turnaround on myself.

As emerging leaders, we need an operating system that removes our egos so we can make better decisions for ourselves, our work, and our communities, without compromising our material success and influence. Too many people are quick to teach you only one way of living: how to make lots of money, how to improve yourself, or how to help others.

You don’t live for one thing so you need a lifestyle that has the best of all three worlds — self-growth, material achievement, and social change.  

Though my ego still tries to get in the way, I’ve joined a sub-culture of people who keep their egos in check and intentions pure, create results beyond imagination, and make meaningful social impact.

I call this sub-culture of people the High Vibe Tribe.


What Is the High Vibe Lifestyle? 

The high vibe lifestyle is all about raising your vibe so you have tremendous amounts of energy to realize your ambitions and lift up humanity.

Nikola Tesla famously said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” 

Our universe is made up of a vast amount of energy that every living thing on this planet shares. Our energy is always moving at different frequencies or vibrations. At this very moment, you are carrying energy at a certain vibe or frequency. 

When our vibe is at a high frequency, we live happier lives, achieve more success, and want to do more good for others. When we live in a lower vibe, we feel sluggish, make poor decisions, and doubt our potential. What we don’t realize is that we have immense control over our energy. With lifestyle practices, we can master elevating our vibe so we can live life at our max potential. 

What’s beautiful about our energy is that it’s contagious. Energy transfers from person to person so once you lift your vibe, you automatically lift the vibe of the people around you.  

Living the high vibe lifestyle is all about controlling and improving your vibration. As a result, you’ll make decisions that resonate with your soul, have more energy to help others, and simultaneously reach the level of wealth and influence of your dreams.

Who’s the High Vibe Culture For? 

The high vibe culture combines the best of self-growth and humanitarianism. It’s ideal for emerging leaders who believe they can create material wealth while improving themselves and their communities and refuse to choose between the two.

It tackles their unique challenges: leading with their soul (not egos), managing their energy, making positive decisions and social impacts, feeling fulfilled, and enjoying success.

Though these practices will particularly resonate with leaders and entrepreneurs, anybody who wants to help humanity coexist will benefit from tuning their vibe.  

How to Elevate Your Vibe 

Awaken Your Soul

Your mind is a tool, and your ego is the enemy. You are neither. You are your soul. Part of raising your vibe is acting from your soul. Your soul speaks to you in the form of ideas, inspiration, and intuition that are aligned with your calling. 

To make your soul speak louder than your ego, you must learn how to observe your thoughts. As an observer, you can remember that your mind’s thoughts are not you

Listen to your thoughts running through your head right now and ask yourself, “Who is observing the thoughts?” When you are aware of your mind’s chatter, then you’ve become an observer. 

Control Energy Leaks

We cannot create our own energy. Energy can only be transferred and stored. Though we intentionally spend energy towards priorities, we also unintentionally leak energy to unresolved conflicts, people, and things. You’ve gotta plug the leaks to do epic shit because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to raise yours and humanity’s vibe.

Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” on Netflix is a fantastic example of letting go of things that drain your energy. When you’re tidying, does it spark joy and energy for you? If the answer is no, then get rid of it. 

Practice Meditation

Meditation gives you a lot of tools to handle the game of life. Meditation is not sitting quietly without thought — not how I do it, anyhow. Instead, it’s sitting and tapping into your energy so you can heal leaks and tune your vibe. Meditation requires immense concentration and focus. To make your practice stick, I encourage you to practice “pre-meditation” skills.

These practices are simple. For example, when you wash your hands, focus your awareness on the water for 30 seconds. You’ll considerably strengthen your concentration after repeatedly washing your hands.

Embrace the Five Fingers of Life

The Five Fingers of Life is a method to teach you how to manage the emotions, judgments, and stories (that aren’t necessarily real) we create in response to life. We design solutions around those stories based on fiction rather than reality. Ultimately, this hurts our ability to experience life to its fullest because our perception is off.

The Five Fingers show you how to embrace emotion and detach yourself from self-judgment and stories our minds create. By turning inward and observing our feelings without judgment or stories, we can prevent feelings from clouding our vision and design realistic solutions with tremendous value for ourselves and others. 

To put this practice into play, every time you’re feeling a negative emotion, observe it instead of immediately reacting. Then, you can start to shift your energy into a positive space. 

Share Blessings With Others

Giving to others makes you like a flowing river — a source of abundance where goodness flows through you to others. Rather than hoarding your blessings, which leads to disease like stagnant water, let positive vibes and wealth flow in and out of your lives.

Giving does not have to be all about money. In fact, there are great ways you can share blessings without bleeding out financially, and in turn, earn social capital:

Remember SPACE:

  • Skills: Offer your skills to someone in need
  • People: Make a mutually beneficial connection
  • Asset: Leverage your money, car, or house to help
  • Community: Surround people with like-minded cultures
  • Experiences: Share stories that are relevant

In these small ways, giving will give you high vibes and circulate more fulfillment, wealth, and abundance back into your life. 

Become the High Vibes Leader You Aspire to Be

Most philosophies today focus our energy on how to be the best entrepreneur, or how to be the best person, or how to help others. They’re very siloed, but most of us don’t look at life siloed anymore. We need an integrated operating system where we can achieve everything we want — growth, wealth, and social change. The High Vibe Tribe seamlessly ties them together.

Ultimately, following the high vibes culture helps you become your best self. You gain the skills needed to deploy your energy intelligently for the benefit of yourself and others.

I provide more details of all five steps in my book and album, “Bling.” If you’d like to be the first to know about the book and album’s release, please subscribe to my inner circle email list.

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