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August 16, 2019

ILLESTrations: #2 of 52

*Illestration* #2 of 52 is the second half of Bling’s subtitle: A Story About Ditching the Struggle and Living in Flow
What’s it mean to live in flow?
Let’s use an example to help you answer that. Have you ever been doing something and were totally in the zone where all your energy was focused, nothing distracted you, and you were totally loving it? People experience this in a bunch of ways, like:
– Listening to music
– Playing sports or video games
– Writing words or code
What’s actually happening here is you’re experiencing flow and damn if that’s not an awesome vibe, right?
Imagine being able to feel that way more often and being able to get yourself into that zone whenever you wanted for however long you wanted.
If there’s anything close to superpowers, this is it. Watch how much creativity flows through you, watch how easy life becomes, and watch how life unfolds beyond your dreams. It’s crazy what happens when you’re in flow.
I promise that if you follow the steps in Bling, your life will never be the same again.

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