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November 12, 2019

Thank You! Bling Is a Best Seller!

Fam We Did It!

The initial response to Bling is incredible! Readers are leaving great feedback, numerous media outlets and podcasts are featuring Bling, and Amazon just announced Bling is a bestseller!


Bling is a best seller!


I just wanted to let you know the price will return to the full list price of $6.99 after this weekend, so if you’re still interested, this is your last chance to grab a copy of the book at the discounted price!

Here’s the link to the Amazon page.

Thanks so much again for your support! Don’t forget to check out and download the album on Spotify

Want To Help Out Even More? 

You can leave a review by scrolling to the middle of the Amazon page and clicking the “Leave a Customer Review” button. This would be incredibly helpful since Amazon greatly weighs the success of a book based on the number of reviews it receives. Reminder: Amazon has the ability to delay or block reviews, but this is few and far between. 


Thank you fam, I appreciate you!



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    1. Andy Seth Post author

      Thanks, Thomas and pleasure to meet you! Glad you found the BP podcast inspiring and looking forward to us staying connected.