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November 8, 2019

My New Book, Bling, Is Officially Live!

My heart is full of love and joy because my new book, Bling, officially launches today! Writing Bling was a crazy journey and I appreciate everyone who supported me and was a part of the process. 

I was inspired to write Bling to share my personal journey and skills that bring me tons of success and fulfillment. I love living my life at my highest potential, and I want others to live their best lives too.  

I’m excited for you to crack open Bling: A Story About Ditching The Struggle & Living in Flow so you can start your journey to ambitious success and internal fulfillment. 


What is Bling

Bling is the story of a rapper named A-Luv. Hip-Hop has given him everything he ever wanted: money, status, and bling. What A-Luv doesn’t know is that his life is about to be upended during a fateful trip to India. All the suffering that’s buried beneath the shiny exterior of his life will be brought to the surface when an unexpected guide starts him on a journey of personal and spiritual growth. Follow along as A-Luv learns to let go of beliefs that have long kept him stuck, and live in a state of flow that will transform his music—and his life.

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Told as a parable, Bling: A Story About Ditching The Struggle & Living in Flow is filled with powerful lessons for anyone unsure of how to reach their full potential. A-Luv, whose story is inspired by my own, sees hip-hop as a lens to show that inner peace and joy can be achieved while remaining creative and ambitious. 

I’ll unpack the tenets of a high vibe lifestyle that will move you from seeking to finding—from a place of uncertainty to a place of peace, focus, optimism, energy, and success you never thought possible.

Why You Need To Read Bling

Bling guides you from feeling lost, like you don’t know where to take your life, and leads you into realizing your potential a.k.a. Self-realization. We’ve all experienced what it feels like when we aren’t living up to our full potential and should be doing more than we are.  And that’s the thing, it’s a feeling. You can’t achieve a sense of self-realization through external things like money or status. Traditional spirituality has made the process of self-realization fluffy and in ways, seemingly impossible to reach. But if you have a desire to understand yourself on a deeper level, without the foo-foo talk, then Bling will resonate with you. 

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The mental health tools help you ditch the struggle and live a life in a flow where you feel entirely at peace and hyper-present, where you actually sense the enormity of every moment in your life. The key to this realization and unlocking your potential is meditation. I know tons of people who have tried and failed at meditation, including myself. If you’ve struggled to make meditation stick because you couldn’t sit still and clear your thoughts, then Bling is for you. In the book, I teach a meditation technique that has a goal and gives your awareness something to do so that meditation becomes an attainable daily habit you’re stoked about.  

The entrepreneurial skills help you tap into an energy source that unlocks new levels of creativity and innovation within yourself. Everyone might know that innovation is required to be a successful entrepreneur, but how can you call upon it when you need it? Great entrepreneurs aren’t just innovative — they focus on the right things with an intense amount of concentration. Knowing the right thing to focus on is easy when you’re deeply in tune with yourself and when you have developed the skill to concentrate, you’ll find your output is much higher quality and takes fractions of the time that it takes others. Bling provides you with the answers and skills to be able to utilize this energy every day. This is how you hustle without burning out. 

The behavioral psychology is the understanding to know the difference between what you should do and what you will do. This is known in economics as the behavior gap.  As a behavioral economist who taught mindset tricks to the wealthy, I know firsthand how important it is to deal with what’s real, and not theory. Bling will teach you unconventional methods that are rooted in the realities of modern life. Fifteen-hundred years ago, there were a lot less distractions, and it’s time the methods and teachings were updated.

The energy management techniques help you prevent burnout. When you are adapting your natural self to the rest of the world, you feel drained and exhausted. However, burnout is avoidable, and it all comes down to energy management. Keep your energy tank full, and you’ll succeed in life. Keep it low, and you’ll always feel like you’re behind. Bling explains how to manage, move, and direct your energy during meditation, so you can retain more energy for the things that will help you realize your full potential. Know this: energy doesn’t distinguish between good or bad intentions, so if you concentrate on positive things, good will grow. If you give negative thoughts energy, you’re going to live on empty.

The life lessons help you avoid feeling lost, disconnected, unrealized, like you never hit it big, felt true love, or became the person you always thought you could be. Bling helps you avoid the crippling anxiety that comes with the thoughts of not having “it” already. Those moments where you doubt what you are doing in life, realize you don’t have the freedom to travel and explore, or anything else you feel you should have but don’t yet. When you are in a state of anxiety, it’s impossible to be in love with your life. Stress and happiness cannot coexist; you cannot be both at once.

The time-saving tools help you experience life at precisely the speed of time. If you find yourself saying, “time is flying by” or “man that year went by fast,” then you are experiencing time passing you by without being present in the moment. Society accepts these expressions too quickly, and they’re all indicators that you are not living in a concentrated state of awareness, known as presence. When you’re not fully present, you’ll never experience complete love and gratitude for the moment. 

What’s my give? 

My publisher has agreed to discount the Kindle version of my book from its full list price down to $1.99 for the first week of launch. Sharing Bling inexpensively with you is important to me. I’d love to offer you a discount copy!

Click here to download the book.

What’s my ask?

Do not feel obligated, but I’d be extremely grateful if you could buy the book and leave a review. Reviews are the most critical factor in how many new readers the book can reach, and each one makes a real difference. Fair warning: Sometimes Amazon can block or remove reviews, so it makes each review left all the more important. I’d really appreciate every one.

That’s it! I’m stoked for you to read Bling and go on a journey to master your mental health, build entrepreneurial skills, awaken your soul, manage your energy, practice meditation, and live life on a whole other level. Sending positive vibes your way as you read Bling and listen to the soundtrack.

Thank you so much for your support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you, fam! 

The album drops today as well, which you can download or stream anywhere like Spotify and Apple Music!

Sending good vibes,


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