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December 17, 2019

Design An Ill Chill Meditation Space (Plus An Inside Look at Mine)

Every morning I wake up at 5 AM, put on my slippers, get out of bed, and walk down a flight of stairs to my basement.

In the corner of the room, I see my meditation area with a space heater blazing. I slide off my slippers to step into my sacred space barefoot. I kneel down in front of a small table, and touch a statue of Ganesh with my right hand ring finger and then touch the center of my forehead, and then join both palms together with fingers pointing upwards, and ask for blessings. Then I take a seat in my office chair and start my hour meditation.

As you can tell, my meditation space isn’t bougie. Heck, it’s down in my basement. I don’t have a beautiful view of nature or the sound of running water inspiring my practice unless I turn on the bathroom sink. All I have are a few relics, an oil diffuser, fresh flowers, and a tablecloth.

My space is simple yet powerful.

Andy's meditation space

I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to be extra and have all the spiritual things. But being extra when it comes to creating an inspiring meditation space to keep you coming back is definitely the right move.

If you’re following Bling’s meditation, cultivating an ill chill in your space will take your introspection up a notch. Here’s how I get down to create a meditation space with tons of positive vibes.

Pick a Specific Place in Your Home 

Your space, whether it’s minimal or fancy, will uplift the energy of its entire surroundings. The positive energy is so tangible, I even decided to move my home office down into my basement! The elevated vibe transfers to me while I’m working, so creativity pours through me. Pick a place you want positive energy from but is safe from foot traffic, pets, and little kids. Every space has a vibe with a specific purpose. Imagine how weird it would feel to be eating food, taking it into the bathroom, and then bringing it back out. It might technically be totally fine, but the energy would be such a turnoff. Your meditation space will totally have a high vibe so be mindful of that. 

Let Go of Your Invisible Scripts

Creating a space is all about lowering your barriers to entry to meditation. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll love it. The more you love it, the more likely you’ll meditate. The more you sit, the more likely you’ll build a habit. For example, the basement was too cold for me to meditate in, so I was inconsistent in my practice. But when I bought a space heater and an outlet timer, it was always warm when I needed it to be and I had no excuse not to sit. Identify issues preventing you from meditating, then create solutions for every single one.

Make the Meditation Space Trigger Free

Leave out any items that will trigger memories of people and events. Since we link photos with specific situations, they can distract your focus. You want a space with a good vibe and energy, but without associations. What this means is no family photos or special mementos. Instead, get creative with relaxing decor like flowers and candles, put up images of a shri yantra or mandalas, or just have a simple singing bowl. But remember not to make it too chill (deuces bean bags and recliners) because you don’t want to fall asleep.

Keep Your Space Clean

A neat space allows energy to flow freely. Less stuff means less energy leaks and it’s important to dust and organize to keep the vibe high. I also highly recommend taking your shoes off to not only keep the floors cleaner but as a sign of respect that you’re not bringing dirt into somewhere sacred (and I don’t mean this in a religious sense, I mean this is your spot). If you use fresh flowers, toss them after a day or two and clip new ones to keep the energy alive. Struck a match to light a candle? Toss the burnt match. Incense ash piling up? Sweep it into the garbage. Keep this area clean and let the energy flow. 

Make It Easy To Sit In Meditation 

The things in your space matter, but how you sit will determine how long you can meditate. Did you know the actual purpose of doing yoga poses (asanas) is to strengthen your body to sit still for meditation? If you can’t sit for a few minutes without pain and needles, how will you sit for an hour?

Your hip flexibility and lower back strength determine what to use:

  • Super tight or weak: Sit upright in a chair with a firm back.
  • Kind-of tight or somewhat strong: Sit cross-legged on two to three yoga blocks or cushions. 
  • Flexible or strong: Sit on one block or cushion, yoga mat, towel, or nothing.

Sitting still in meditation is half the battle, so make it easy. Do whatever is best for your flexibility, comfort, and circulation.

What Does Your Meditation Space Look Like?

Your meditation space does not need to be all fancy-schmancy. You can meditate anywhere. Whether it’s bougie or the basement, it doesn’t matter because the real beauty is inward. One of my favorite spots to meditate when I was on the road was under the I-25 overpass on Kalamath. The hum of cars overhead, the warmth of the car, the darkness being under the overpass, all set up ideal conditions to get into deep meditation.

What do you think? Do you have any other guidelines for designing an area with incredible vibes? Any spaces you recommend meditating in?

If you’re down, send me a pic of your meditation area with all the reasons why you love it.

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