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December 30, 2019

Illestrating “Bling”: An Interview with the Artist

No doubt that one great work of art can teach us more than reading a hundred books. 

Since art promotes visual thinking, increasing engagement, and is straight-up fun, it was a no-brainer to add custom pics to Bling.  I call the art Illestrations, cause they are dope representations of the most important messages in Bling I want to stick in your conscious. 

Now that the book is launched, I’ve sat down with my illustrator, Ashley Getty, to let her explain the artistic process and inspire you to download your favorite Illestrations to use however you’d like for your journey. 

What was your favorite part about Bling’s Illestrations?  

The project was fantastic because the collaboration was through the roof. Andy and I bounced so many concepts off one another, the creativity just flowed. He pulled Bling quotes to illustrate, then we swapped ideas until we came up with one we both loved. The best part about this project was hands-down, our collaboration. It was fun, easy, and super creative. 

Why Are The Illestrations Black And White? 

Black and white images were straight up Andy, and I loved it. Monochromatic images are simple, edgy, and contrasty. They don’t distract but demand attention and add tons of value. Ensuring drama and detail without color was a challenge I enjoyed in this project. 

How Did You Translate The Text Into Art? 

Each Illestration had a different creative process. Some were cut and dry, like drawing a scene from Bling.  Others were pure symbolism with blends of hip hop. For example, I wanted to use glasses for “Visualization Brings Clarity,”  so Andy found a pair of specs he liked that I used for the concept. In short, the translation was about straightforward innovation. 

Why Are Illestrations in a Book Like Bling Important? 

As an artist, I love when books have illustrations. Deep concepts and dense texts need breathers. It’s nice to give the reader an easy way to digest the information with pictures. Plus, there’s power in seeing what you’re reading. You can understand and unpack the theme in a visual way. Images uplevel the experience, especially for visual learners like me. 

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Andy Loves Hip Hop. How Did You Keep The Motif Alive? 

Preserving Andy’s unique style was pretty fun. In some instances, he would tell me what he wanted, so I followed his vision. In others, he rolled with ideas I pitched — adding a hip hop spin, sending pics, and broadening our creativity. Our open minds and creativity kept the motif alive. 

Break Down Your Absolute Favorite Illestrations. 

Though I loved creating all the images and getting into a flow, a few are extra special to me:  

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Awaken Your Soul

Awaken your Soul

I loved drawing the lotus flower with the eye. The lotus is also very symbolic of enlightenment and conscious awakening. Bringing all these concepts alive in a detailed drawing was beautiful. 

Resistance Equals Suffering

I let out my inner physics nerd here. Resistance is the opposing force of an electrical current. It’s measured in Ohms, but Ohm is also the sound of the universe. The double meaning is very powerful to me. 

Sit in Your Soul Seat

I’ll never forget this image because drawing the words to fit into the chair was fun. It was simple but very different than anything I’ve ever done. Now it has a special place in my heart.

Align Decisions With Your Soul

I’m an outdoorsy person so I loved using a compass to visualize finding your soul by making heartfelt decisions. Instead of using north, south, east, and west, we used the letters from the word “soul.” The picture says no matter the direction we go, if we follow our soul, it will be the right path. 

What Does Spirituality Mean to You? 

Spirituality is still a part of my life where I’m growing. Right now I know I’m very connected with nature. I feel oneness, appreciation, and gratitude when I’m outdoors.  I get crazy joy when I’m in beautiful landscapes — a feeling of awe overwhelms me. It plays a big part in my life, especially in my art, and I look forward to continually expanding on it. I’m sure Bling will have a part to play as well. 

Can You Sum Up All The Illestrations in Two Words?

Great question. What comes to mind is positive and enlightening. 

A-Luv’s entire journey is all about how we can achieve conscious enlightenment. I don’t see anything more positive than humanity operating from pure love and inner peace. 

Any Final Thoughts You Want To Give The Readers? 

Working with Andy was epic. If you ever get the chance, do it! 

Get in the flow and watch how crazy epic your life will become. I certainly experienced it on this project and it’s a game-changer for me. I know Bling will be pivotal in so many lives, so get your copy and start reading! 

Don’t forget to check out the Illestrations and if you love the artwork, download prints for free from Andy’s site! 


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